an image of the ARK: Survival Ascended creature/dinosaur Aberrant Araneo
Passive Tame
Diet IconDino Head


ARK Ascended Taming Progress Icon

Taming Calculator

See how long it takes to tame a Aberrant Araneo, what food you need to tame it and how many extra levels you get after it is tamed.

The spawn map at the top shows where you can find and tame a Aberrant Araneo.

Food Quantity (Current/Max)
Taming Time
Spoiled Meat

Spoiled Meat


63.4% 47 Lvl (197)

Cooked Lamb Chop

Cooked Lamb Chop


6.6% 4 Lvl (154)

Raw Meat

Raw Meat


3.7% 2 Lvl (152)

Cooked Prime Fish Meat

Cooked Prime Fish Meat


0.6% 0 Lvl (150)

Total Effectiveness


  1. Lvl 150

    Base Level

    Level Before Taming

  2. Lvl 197

    Tamed Level

    Level After Taming

  3. Lvl 270

    Max Level

    Fully Leveled

Total Tame Time

15 Minutes 59 Seconds

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XP Per Kill

This ARK experience (XP) calculator shows you how many XP you get, if you kill a Aberrant Araneo in ARK depending on the level of the dino.

Result XP


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ARK Egg & Breeding Calculator

ARK egg times, right temperatures, and breeding info for your dinos in ARK Survival Ascended with this egg and breeding calculator.

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Status: Juvenile

ARK Ascended Time Remaining Icon

Total Time: 2 Hours 30 Minutes 9 Seconds

ARK Ascended Time Remaining Icon

Time Left: 2 Hours 15 Minutes 8 Seconds

10 %
  1. ARK Ascended Egg Icon


    ARK Ascended Progress Icon

    Mating - 0%

    ARK Ascended Fortitude Icon

    4 °C - 12 °C

    ARK Ascended Fortitude Icon

    39.2 °F - 39.2 °F

    ARK Ascended Time Remaining Icon

    17 Minutes 8 Seconds

    ARK Ascended Download Creature Icon

    The dino is inside an egg, needing specific conditions to incubate and hatch.

  2. ARK Ascended Baby Cuddle Icon


    ARK Ascended Progress Icon

    0% - 10%

    ARK Ascended Time Remaining Icon

    15 Minutes 0 Seconds

    ARK Ascended Download Creature Icon

    The hatched dino, now a baby, needs constant attention and food directly placed in its inventory to survive, or a Maewing nearby to take care of its needs.

  3. ARK Ascended Feeding Trough Icon


    ARK Ascended Progress Icon

    10% - 50%

    ARK Ascended Time Remaining Icon

    1 Hour 0 Minute 3 Seconds

    ARK Ascended Download Creature Icon

    The dino matures into a juvenile stage, where it can now eat from a feeding trough, reducing the need for direct feeding.

  4. ARK Ascended Aberrant Araneo Icon


    ARK Ascended Progress Icon

    50% - 100%

    ARK Ascended Time Remaining Icon

    1 Hour 15 Minutes 4 Seconds

    ARK Ascended Download Creature Icon

    As an adult, the dino requires less food than in its growth stages, becoming more self-sufficient and easier to maintain.

ARK Survival Breeding Calculator Icon

ARK Dino Stats Calculator

See how much health, stamina, oxygen, food, weight, melee damage, speed or torpidity a Aberrant Araneo has with this dino stats calculator.

StatBase (Level 1)Increase per Level (Wild)Increase per Level (Tamed)Rank
ARK Stat Health IconHealth150+30--
ARK Stat Stamina IconStamina100+10--
ARK Stat Oxygen IconOxygen150+15--
ARK Stat Food IconFood900+90--
ARK Stat Weight IconWeight100+2--
ARK Stat Melee Damage IconMelee Damage100%---
ARK Stat Speed IconSpeed100%---
ARK Stat Torpidity IconTorpidity80---
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Carryable By

This is a list of dinos that can carry a Aberrant Araneo in ARK.

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Can Carry

This is a list of dinos that a Aberrant Araneo can carry in ARK.

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These are items that a Aberrant Araneo drops on death in ARK as loot and resources.

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Immobilized By

A Aberrant Araneo can be immobilized by the following items and weapons.

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Fits Through

This is a list of where a Aberrant Araneo can fit through.

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Weight Reduction

A Aberrant Araneo got weight reduction for the following items and resources.


Aberrant Araneo is a ARK: Survival Ascended creature that lives on the maps The Island, Svartalfheim, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, Valguero, Ragnarok, Crystal Isles, The Center, Lost Island, Fjordur, Genesis 2 and Genesis.This creature eats Spoiled Meat, Cooked Lamb Chop, Raw Meat and Cooked Prime Fish Meat.When killed, it drops the following resources: Chitin and Raw Meat.It can be immobilized by Bola, Bear Trap and Plant Species Y.It can be carried by Argentavis, Gigantopithecus, Desmodus, Karkinos, Megalosaurus, Kaprosuchus, Megalosaurus, Procoptodon, Quetzal and Tusoteuthis.