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A first look at The Center in ARK: Survival Ascended! What's new?

ARK: Survival Ascended The Center News, Release Date & More!

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image of The Center

A first glimpse at Scorched Earth in ARK: Survival Ascended!

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Map: Ragnarok

Common name: Gigantoraptor

Species: Gigantoraptor nutritor

Time: Late Cretaceous

Diet: Omnivore

Temperament: Territorial

Announcement: Visit

image of Gigantoraptor

Yi Ling

Map: Aberration

Common name: Yi Ling

Species: Yi Ling

Time: Late Jurassic

Diet: Omnivore

Temperament: Aloof

Announcement: Visit

image of Yi Ling


Map: The Center

Common name: Shastasaurus

Species: Shastasaurus carmentellum

Time: Late Triassic

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Curious

Announcement: Visit

image of Shastasaurus


Map: Extinction

Common name: Dreadnoughtus

Species: Dreadnoughtus maximus

Time: Late Cretaceous

Diet: Herbivore

Temperament: Territorial

Announcement: Visit

image of Dreadnoughtus


Complete ARK Survival Ascended map release schedule
The Center arrives in ARK: Survival Ascended on Monday June 3

The Island: Released at Launch

Scorched Earth: Released 02/04

The Center: Releasing June 3rd

Aberration: Releasing May 2024

Extinction: Releasing September 2024

Valguero: Releasing December 2024

Genesis Part 1: Releasing February 2025

Crystal Isles: Releasing April 2025

Genesis Part 2: Releasing May 2025

Lost Island: Releasing August 2025

Fjordur: Releasing October 2025

Announcement: Visit

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Hey Survivors!

We’re going to recap some of the information we’ve shared regarding ARK: Survival Ascended in this crunch, along with touching on some topics that haven’t been covered and expanding on some that have!

If you’ve been following along for the last few months, you might already know some of this information, but we’ve seen a lot of questions lately, so let’s start with the basics before diving into some of the more frequently asked questions from the community.

What is ASA?

When is it launching?

Where can you play it?

Why are you doing it?

How are you leveraging the new technology?

Play and Test ASA's New Particle System: Download Demo

Q: Will there be a preorder? Get access to the game early? Exclusive Content? Pre-loading?

Q: Tell us more about Crossplay? How will that work?

Phase 1: Launch - Time Frame: October

Phase 2: Full Crossplay - Time frame December (This is a Wildcard ETA ;))

Phase 3: Cross Progression - Time frame: 2024

Q: What changes have been made to servers?

Q: Character Creation Overhaul

Q: When will Tek be available?

Q: Is there new Gareth Coker music?


Q: Unreal Engine 5.2? Why not 5.3?


Q: What about cheaters?

Q: The Survival of the Fittest 5.0?

Q: With no SOTF, will there still be a queue?

Q: Events? Extra Life? ASA Content!

Q: Creature Submissions, what’s the plan?

Q: What content changes have been made for Day 1? Caves, Rafts, Cryopods, TEK, Giant Squirrels…?

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