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How to Tame Dinosaurs

1. Decide Which Dinosaur or Creature You Want to Tame

In ARK, there's a vast variety of creatures. While many have similar taming mechanics, they can primarily be categorized into four main taming methods: Knockout, Passive, Special, and Egg.

Knockout Taming

For knockout taming, you need to render the creature unconscious. Commonly, creatures are knocked out using light weapons such as crossbows with tranq arrows. However, some creatures like Rock Golems, Titanosaurs, or Karkinos need heavy weapons like catapults or cannons. Once unconscious, you feed the creature to tame it.
Knockout Taming Example Image

Passive Taming

For passive taming, there's no need to knock the creature out. Instead, approach it stealthily and feed it at specific intervals without alarming it.
Passive Taming Example Image

Special Taming

Some creatures require special taming methods unique to them. This might involve playing a mini-game or performing specific actions like dragging dead fish by hand to the creature.
Passive Taming Example Image

Egg Taming

For egg taming, creatures have distinct methods exclusive to them. This can involve unique tasks like playing a mini-game or specific actions such as dragging dead fish by hand to the creature.
Egg Taming Example Image

Possible ARK Creatures Could Be:

Featherlight, Microraptor, Piranha, Coelacanth, Desert Titan, Raptor, Exo-Mek, Snow Owl, Mek, Tropeognathus, Deathworm, Morellatops, Stegosaurus, Tek Stegosaurus, Tek Triceratops, Desmodus, Chalicotherium, Sarco, Rock Drake, Karkinos, Tek Stryder, Paraceratherium, Ice Titan, Forest Titan, Megachelon, Gallimimus, Leedsichthys, Hover Skiff, Glowtail, Blood Crystal Wyvern, Managarmr, Enforcer, Tek Rex, Shadowmane, Tek Raptor, GachaClaus, Giant Bee, Deinonychus, Basilosaurus, Plesiosaur, Zomdodo, Tek Quetzal, Liopleurodon, Ichthyosaurus, Party Dodo, Voidwyrm, Ember Crystal Wyvern, Wyvern, Fire Wyvern, Noglin, Tropical Crystal Wyvern, Tek Parasaur, Zombie Fire Wyvern, Ichthyornis, Zombie Lightning Wyvern, Rhyniognatha, Fenrir, Zombie Poison Wyvern, Fjordhawk, Sabertooth Salmon, Phoenix, Ferox, Gasbags, Mantis, Dunkleosteus, Onyc, Iguanodon, Achatina, Hesperornis, Reaper King, Giant Queen Bee, Andrewsarchus, Reaper Queen, Tek Hoversail, Tusoteuthis, Allosaurus, Alpha Tusoteuthis, Alpha Mosasaur, Mosasaur, Alpha Megalodon, Castoroides, Dinopithecus, Amargasaurus, Lightning Wyvern, Poison Wyvern, Surface Reaper King, Gigantopithecus, Basilisk, Megalosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, Ravager, Purlovia, Astrocetus, Yeti, Cruise Missile, Alpha Raptor, Mesopithecus, Alpha T-Rex, Archaeopteryx, Sinomacrops, Pegomastax, Alpha Carnotaurus, Alpha Leedsichthys, Pteranodon, Hyaenodon , Giganotosaurus, Vulture, Carcharodontosaurus, Lymantria, Bloodstalker, Anglerfish, Argentavis, Magmasaur, Oil Jug Bug, Water Jug Bug, Megalodon, Unicorn, Griffin, Dimorphodon, Mosasaurus, Pelagornis, Kairuku, Beelzebufo, Shinehorn, Maewing, Procoptodon, Bulbdog, Astrodelphis, Tapejara, Summoner, Rock Elemental, Titanosaur, Rubble Golem, Rex, Jerboa, Alpha Fire Wyvern, Ankylosaurus, Quetzal, Arthropluera, Araneo, Dragon, Megapithecus, Sabertooth, Roll Rat, Crystal Wyvern, Baryonyx, Titanoboa, Carnotaurus, Thylacoleo, Dire Bear, Kentrosaurus, Yutyrannus, Velonasaur, Pulmonoscorpius, Titanomyrma Drone, Broodmother Lysrix, Titanomyrma Soldier, Cnidaria, Dimetrodon, Thorny Dragon, Spino, Parasaur, Triceratops, Dilophosaur, Phiomia, Carbonemys, Terror Bird, Compy, Diplocaulus, Pachy, Oviraptor, Diplodocus, Dodo, Doedicurus, Meganeura, Dung Beetle, Therizinosaur, Troodon, Gacha, Direwolf, Kaprosuchus, Megaloceros, Electrophorus, Mammoth, Equus, Lystrosaurus, Woolly Rhino, Manta, Megalania, Ovis, Megatherium, Brontosaurus, Forest Wyvern, Moschops, Otter, Daeodon

[Taming Simulator] Tame This Wild Rex! The Taming Guide Is Below!

Quest: Tame the Wild Rex

Wild Female Rex - Lvl 1

1100/1100 Health
0/1550 Torpor
Crossbow Knockout Weapon ImageTranquilizer Arrow Image

Shoot the Rex with the crossbow and tranq arrows until it knocks out!

Special Taming Example Image

2. Check ARK Unity for the Creature's Preferred Food and Taming Method

It's hard to remember every taming method, food, spawn location, taming time, and more. That's why it's best to just check it on ARK Unity.

Search for the Creature

Click on the search bar and type the name of the creature you wish to tame, or find it in the 'Dinosaurs' section. In this example, we want to tame a Raptor.

Search the Creature Image

Find the Taming Method and Spawn Location

Check the badge next to the creature's name to see its taming type. Then, view the red spots on the map for its spawn locations. You can also find a variant selector at the top if there are multiple variants of the creature.

Search the Creature Image

Find the Preferred Food

If the creature isn't a special or egg tame, a table will display its preferred food, required amount, taming time, and potential extra levels after a successful tame.

Search the Creature Image

Check the Taming Effectiveness

Under the taming food table, there's a detailed view showing the total tame time if you use different foods and the potential level after taming.

Special Taming Example Image

Check the Knockout Methods (Knockout Tames Only)

For knockout tames, the 'Knockout Weapons' table lists all weapons and their hit multipliers. This helps you know how many tranquilizer arrows you need and the risk of death with specific weapons or dinos.

Special Taming Example Image

Required Narcotics and Timers (Knockout Tames Only)

Use the torpidity and starve timers to track the tame after knocking it out. The narcotics view tells you how many narcotics or other items you need to keep the creature unconscious.

Special Taming Example Image

XP Calculator

This XP calculator shows the experience gained by killing the creature at a selected level.

Search the Creature Image

Egg and Breeding Calculator

The breeding and egg calculator displays growth time, egg temperature requirements, and basic growth state information.

Special Taming Example Image

Creature Stats Calculator

Here, you can view the creature's base stats and the gains per level, whether wild or tamed.

Search the Creature Image

Extra Information

At the page's bottom, find details on which creatures can carry your target, what it drops upon death, immobilization methods, what it can damage, and where it can fit through.

Special Taming Example Image

Congratulations! You've completed our taming guide! Now you know how to tame every creature in ARK: Survival Ascended!