Ark Survival Ascended: Ceratosaurus Spawn Location, Dossier & More

Ceratosaurus Dossier


Species: Ceratosaurus punctura

Time: Late Jurassic

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Extremely Aggressive

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Lurking in the untamed jungles and sprawling grasslands, the Ceratosaurus is an aggressive predator adorned with venom-laced spines. Their attacks cause victims to erupt in bursts of blood, a sight for sore eyes (or a tactical advantage for a clever Survivor!). If you can harness this power, tamed Ceratosaurus will unleash healing bursts that revitalize themselves and your fellow carnivores. These swift creatures make for some of the fastest mounts you'll find.

How To Tame Ceratosaurus

Taming Method: To tame, you will have to hunt Ceratos and gather their venom spines.

Level 75: Learn to craft the Hemogoblin Cocktail.

This is a special concoction you feed to your tamed dinos that will attract Ceratosaurus.

When a Ceratosaurus attacks the cocktailed creature, they will slowly become blood drunk.

When fully blood drunk, you can safely passive feed them.

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Spawn Location

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Ceratosaurus can be found in the Jungles and Grasslands and can spawn either alone or in a pair.
Ceratosaurus is extremely aggressive to any creature or Survivor, so make sure to be prepared if you are looking to tame one.


The Center: Releasing June 3rd

Aberration: Releasing May 2024

Extinction: Releasing September 2024

Valguero: Releasing December 2024

Genesis Part 1: Releasing February 2025

Crystal Isles: Releasing April 2025

Genesis Part 2: Releasing May 2025

Lost Island: Releasing August 2025

Fjordur: Releasing October 2025

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